Derby Rules

The Range Hunting Preserve is located north of Minot three miles from the Canadian border specializing in pheasant hunts for the 2012 season.  The Range Hunting Preserve is inspected and monitored by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to ensure the highest standards are met. The Range Hunting Preserve is reserved exclusively for one hunting party at a time.  A good size for a hunting party is five (5) hunters.  No other hunters will be scheduled to hunt on your preselected dates.

The Range Hunting Preserve should be your pheasant hunting choice because we offer the following services:

1.  No hunting license is required while hunting on the Range Hunting Preserve (we own the birds).

2.  Your hunting party will have exclusive access to the Range Hunting Preserve on your hunting dates.

3.  The Range is restocked daily to replace bagged game, this is witnessed by someone in your party.

4.  Transportation to and from Minot International Airport located 60 miles from the Range is available for our out of town hunters.  Contact us for information on cost and to make arrangements.

5.  We now have lodging and cooking facilities available at our Cottonwood Cabin in a scenic and isolated location, utilized by your party only.  Food supplies can be stocked in your cabin when you arrive at an additional charge.   All you have to do is supply a shopping list and we will let you know what the additional charge is.  Please call for details and charges.

6.  Restaurant and bar accommodations nearby, although limited, are available.

7.  Unlimited bag limits.  (You are paying for each bird so you can bag as many as you are willing to buy.)

8.  Hunting Dog and Handler available at a rate of $25.00 per hour.  Reservations required.

The Range Hunting Preserve is also available for licensed hunters to lodge in our Cottonwood Cabin during North Dakota scheduled deer and goose hunting seasons.  We are located in excellent deer hunting territory and in the major geese flyway routes.  So please consider us for all your hunting trips.  Contact us at:

email: range@srt.com

Phone:  701 245-6465

Send your payment to:

Roger Heth                                             Range                                                                                                                                                                            10651 20th Ave  NW                                                                                                                                      Antler, ND 58711

The Range Hunting Preserve can give you an excellent pheasant hunting experience in a very nice setting for an affordable price.  When you hunt and stay with us you will not have to drive to the hunting area, you simply step outside the door of your cabin and start hunting.  Please note that there is a 25% non-refundable deposit required at booking to lock in your date.

For hunters who do not wish to book a hunt that utilizes the Cottonwood Cabin and all the services offered, but just would like to hunt on the property for the day we have something for you also.  We offer a Day Use Program at the following rates:

1.  Daily per person - $20.00 per person per day

2.  Daily with dog - $25.00 per day (one (1) person with one (1) dog

3.  Season Pass (August 1 thru April 30) - $100.00 per person

4.  Price for each bird released for your hunt is:
     Pheasant Rooster:  $12.00
     Pheasant Hen:         $10.00
     Chukar:                     $6.00
     Scratch Pheasants (birds already on the preserve not released for your hunt): $6.00

5.  Cottonwood Cabin $50.00/night.

The Cottonwood Cabin affords you the chance to stay in a secluded rustic setting and the ability to literally step outside the cabin and start hunting.

The Cottonwood Cabin has two bedrooms, one bath, a large living room, dining room and full kitchen able to afford you a very comfortable stay.  

This is the view from the front door of the Cottonwood Cabin.

The Cottonwood Cabin has a complete kitchen for your convenience.

The Cottonwood Cabin has a large comfortable living room for our visitors to relax and relive the great day of hunting.

6.  Hunters age 15 and under accompanied by an adult - There is no Daily fee

Hunter 1:  $20.00 Daily Fee for the day
                  $ 5.00 Dog Grounds Fee for the day
                  $60.00 5 Pheasant Roosters Released

                  $85.00 Total cost for the day


Be sure to check our news page for the Seventh Annual Hunting Derby.

The Range Hunting Preserve offers a variety of hunting conditions from wide open spaces to close quarters treed areas all of which are great for both bird and deer hunting.